Naval Base Security Project Awarded to Dedicated Micros and Extreme CCTV

Extreme CCTV and Dedicated Micros announce that the US Navy recently awarded a significant project to Executive Technologies Corporation of Charleston, SC, for a security contract at an East Coast Naval base.

"The RFP (Request for Proposal) was based on two separate proposals - one for technical and a second for price," said Randy Stubbs, president of Executive Technologies Corporation. "The configuration that we're installing on the gate project is being proposed as a Navy standard for vehicle and ID verification at the gate."

The project includes Extreme CCTV's REG License Plate Capture cameras and Dedicated Micros' BX2 Digital Video Multiplex Recorders with 640GB. The value of the contract was undisclosed.

"The Navy had several requirements for plate capture and DVR systems," said to Eric Steinhoff, president of Atlantic Protection Systems, whose DOD systems integrator company subcontracts to Executive Technologies Corporation.

"The camera had to capture plates consistently in a variety of challenging conditions. The DVR had to be able to take the inputs from the REG camera and effectively record the license plates," said Steinhoff. "They wanted to be able to burn images to CD, so we needed 13 fps per camera to guarantee capture. My own requirement was that the DVR should be user-friendly, not Windows-based, and from a reputable company."

"The naval project is an example of how REG license plate capture technology is being used for the highest levels of security," says Jack Gin, President and CEO of Extreme CCTV. "The ability to capture license plates in any ambient lighting conditions is now considered an important security measure for numerous applications."

"We're pleased to be working with Extreme CCTV to provide this unique license plate capture capability," said Don Taylor, vice president of Dedicated Micros. "The BX2 with internal CD Writer will give the Navy highly-secured recording to meet their current needs."

The 12-18 month long project is planned to begin in April.

Further project details will be disclosed at an Extreme CCTV/Dedicated Micros joint briefing and demonstration at Extreme CCTV's booth (5101) at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, April 6 at the International Security Conference in Las Vegas (ISC West).