Mobile Video Products Launches New Mobile DVR Surveillance System

SAN ANTONIO -- MDI Security Systems, the foundation of MDI, Inc., a recognized leader in delivering open, integrated security management and video security solutions, announced MVP (Mobile Video Products, a division of MDI Inc.), has launched a new mobile digital video recording surveillance system for mass transit and municipal law enforcement vehicles.

MVP is a leading manufacturer of video surveillance solutions for a variety of mobile applications. The MVP product line, which also includes The Witness and Rear Vision Systems, has been installed in thousands of mass transit vehicles across the country protecting vehicle passengers and ensuring safety. MVP's new Digital Witness product line offers both end users and dealers the benefits of a compact digital video recorder with a storage hard drive of up to 80 GB and the use of M-JPEG image compression for superior image quality. Additionally, the Digital Witness offers intelligent search capabilities specific to alarm, date and time, with multiple viewing displays and adjustable frame rate speeds in order to capture and evaluate critical events as they occur.

The Digital Witness also offers several unique features which include "Five Signal Recording," on screen brake light, turn signals, hazard lights, stop arms and speed as well as "Smart Speed," a built-in speed conditioner.