Panasonic Introduces New SDIII Intelligent Technology

Panasonic Security Systems, a division of the recently re-structured Panasonic System Solutions Company (PSSA), has unveiled a revolutionary new camera technology at a press event hosted by company President, Frank DeFina in New York City. Super Dynamic III (SDIII) sets a new benchmark for image acquisition with superior performance and intelligent technology. In addition to its unique ability to capture images in severely contrasted lighting, SDIII's advanced digital signal processing (DSP) enables a unique combination of intelligent features that automatically adjust themselves to accommodate prevailing conditions.

"The performance capabilities of SDIII far exceed any camera technology ever developed for security applications," said Steve Surfaro, Director of the Enterprise Project Group, Panasonic Security Systems. "SDIII provides imaging characteristics more closely associated with human vision than electronic acquisition along with a degree of intelligence that truly makes this introduction an industry milestone."

SDIII elevates dynamic range to 128x that of conventional cameras to capture unsurpassed quality images even in harsh lighting conditions typically experienced when outside sunlight and indoor light sources overlap ? such as light filtering through open doors, building lobbies with windows or glass doors and ATM vestibules ? and outdoors in areas that transit from daylight to the dark of night with bright headlights and street lights.

A newly designed double speed CCD with advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) achieves this by capturing the dark and bright portions of an image separately, and then recombining the two images into a single viewable image frame. The addition of advanced digital contrast correction further optimizes the composite image's gray scale for refined definition and balance.

SDIII's powerful intelligent processing also drives numerous unique DSP features such as Auto Back Focus, which continuously adjusts camera focus when switching from color to black-and-white operation and back again to color ? automatically. This is achieved through an innovative mechanism that actually moves the position of the CCD within the camera to achieve the most accurate focus attainable in the given lighting ? an industry first because the technology resides inside the camera, not in an external device. Additional DSP advancements include Auto Image Stabilizer for camera deployment in areas that may be prone to wind and other sources of vibration; Scene Change Detection that sends an alarm when the camera's lens is obstructed or the camera angle changed without authorization; Auto Tracking to follow an individual's movements within the camera's field of view; wider bandwidth for improved resolution to 540 lines (color); 30x optical zoom (300x electronically) which is the highest in the industry; Adaptive Digital Noise Reduction to minimize image streaking when viewing moving images; and extreme low light sensitivity in color (0.5 lux) and BW (0.06 lux). It's a combination of performance features unique to SDIII cameras.

Panasonic introduced two new SDIII camera models: the WV-CS954 Color Dome Camera and the WV-CP480 Series Color Fixed Cameras, which are available in 120V AC (WV-CP480) or 24V/12V DC (WV-CP484) configurations. Both cameras offer an extensive list of features designed to deliver the highest levels of performance. Both models are currently available.