Indentix Picks up $900K in Orders from Armed Forces, Other Non-DHS Federal Agencies

MINNETONKA, Minn. -- Identix Incorporated, the world's leading multi-biometrics technology company, said that it has received new purchase orders from U.S. Department of Defense Armed Forces agencies, as well as two other unnamed non-Department of Homeland Security-related federal agencies totaling approximately $900,000. The U.S. Armed Force agencies plan to deploy the live scan system domestically and overseas. The two other unnamed federal agencies are primarily deploying the systems to department locations around the U.S. The orders, which are for Identix' industry-leading TouchPrint 3000 line of 10-print live scan fingerprint booking stations and desktop systems, are all expected to ship and be installed over the course of the Company's fiscal 2005 year, which ends June 30, 2005.

"The solid order flow we have experienced in the federal sector this quarter, coupled with an increase in orders and activity from international markets and a pick up in the state and local space, demonstrates a marked change for Identix and for the biometric industry," said Identix President & CEO Dr. Joseph J. Atick. "The orders are coming from multiple agencies and countries and, as we previously expected, are frequently for larger quantities of products and larger dollar amounts than we have seen over the past three years. Larger orders generally mean the deployments are more spread out and more predictable, which helps increase our visibility."