Saint Vincent Health System Selects SAFLINK Security Software for Patient Data Protection

SAFLINK Corporation, a leading developer, marketer, and integrator of security solutions, announced Saint Vincent Health System of Erie, PA, has selected its SAFsolution Enterprise Edition for securing access to patient data and enhancing HIPAA compliance. The initial deployment will enroll 1,500 users in all clinical areas of the hospital, followed by 1,000 additional administrative personnel in the second phase.

By incorporating SAFLINK software with existing security programs, the hospital will replace traditional text passwords with individual user fingerprints, providing enhanced protection for patient data and improving access to digital information for healthcare providers.

"We are pleased to find that, while our primary goal is to increase security through strong authentication, we are also speeding clinician access to our network and applications," noted Kerry Kerlin, CIO of Saint Vincent Health System. "Standard passwords had become highly problematic for our organization. We investigated several potential solutions, and found that SAFLINK offered us the easiest deployment due to its tight integration with Active Directory and our single sign-on application. It also offers an excellent return on investment."

SAFsolution is designed to lower the IT costs associated with password management, while enhancing security and user productivity. SAFsolution's integration with Microsoft Windows Active Directory delivers configuration and administration efficiency, enabling rapid deployment, simple management, and immediate scalability. Saint Vincent's deployment includes v-GO Single Sign-On (SSO) from Passlogix, Inc., to extend the benefits of secure single sign-on to the hospital's numerous network applications.

"Healthcare organizations are not only facing increased security requirements as a result of federal regulations such as HIPAA, but are also competing for top clinicians and support staff in many locations," said Luke Thomas, Director of Commercial Sales for SAFLINK. "By taking advantage of leading technology such as SAFLINK's security software, organizations can elevate security and improve healthcare providers' satisfaction with facilities and networks. Exchanging a fingerprint for a password can also substantially lower help desk calls and overhead expenses."