Coalition for Luggage Security Backs House of Representatives in Cargo Safety Issue

NEW YORK -- The Coalition for Luggage Security joins members of the House of Representatives in urging the Department of Homeland Security to develop rules for air cargo and luggage security on passenger planes. According to a report issued over PR Newswire by the House Committee on Homeland Security - Democratic Office, members of the House of Representatives are concerned that the rules due by law on August 15 have been missed and that while luggage is screened some cargo traveling on the same passenger plane is not.

This issue is also highlighted by the CNN probe ( that finds after four years since 9/11 the holes in the screening process of cargo that goes into the hold of airplanes jeopardizes the safety of the flying public.

"Seeking a solution to these issues using today's frame of reference, the Department of Homeland Security will have difficulty in resolving the problem," said Richard A. Altomare, Founder and Chairman of the Coalition for Luggage Security, and CEO of Universal Express, Inc. (OTCBB:USXP). Mr. Altomare continued, "The Department of Homeland Security may come up with an answer but not a solution. Sometimes we look toward technology as a panacea when a more low-tech approach may do. Separating luggage and cargo from passenger planes speaks to the root of the issue. We call on the administration and legislative bodies to view our white paper entitled 'More Safety, Less Hassle for American Travelers: A Private Sector Solution for the Airline Industry,' where I have expanded in detail the solution."

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