Vicon's SurveyorVFT Dome Cameras Upgraded to Newest NTCIP Requirement

Vicon Industries Inc., a developer of digital and IP video solutions, has upgraded their SurveyorVFT Dome Cameras to the latest NTCIP, National Transportation Communications ITS Protocol.

Vicon has been dedicated to the ITS industry and the development of NTCIP software for its SurveyorVFT Dome Cameras. Vicon is setting the new standard by implementing NTCIP directly into the dome as a flash download. The company was the first to introduce NTCIP into its SurveyorVFT dome series in April 2002, and has continued to implement newer versions of NTCIP as they are published. The NTCIP CCTV committee has continually modified the NTCIP specification over the years. Vicon has kept up with all revisions and implemented version NTCIP 1205:2001 and version 01.08 for two large projects in the Intelligent Transportation Industry. Vicon also invested in an NTCIP device tester to provide third party confirmation of successful implementation of NTCIP.

In addition to being NTCIP compliant, Vicon's dome cameras are NEMA TS1/TS2 Temperature and Power compliant, meeting the demands of the harsh environment in which its systems are deployed.

NTCIP is a federally funded project to develop standardized protocols to allow devices of different types and manufacturers to communicate. Deployment of NTCIP is occurring in several states across the nation.