InterAct Public Safety Systems Unveils Integrated Video Monitoring Solution

APCO International 71st Annual Conference & Exposition -- Partnerships With IQinVision and ActivEye Bolster InterAct TrueSentry Solution's Capabilities With High-Performance Network Cameras and Intelligent Analytics

InterAct Public Safety Systems, a supplier of public safety technology systems used by local, state, national and international government agencies, today unveiled its new integrated TrueSentry video surveillance solution featuring IQinVision's high-performance network cameras and ActivEye's real-time video analysis tools.

InterAct is displaying the solution's capabilities at the APCO International 71st Annual Conference & Exposition in Denver. The company will host demonstrations throughout the show, from Aug. 22 through Aug. 24, from the InterAct Booth #1029.

InterAct's TrueSentry systems provide digital intelligence that enables decision makers to deploy resources for the protection of mission-critical assets. Security managers and staff members are using TrueSentry in a wide variety of locations -- including construction sites, public buildings, manufacturing plants and regional airports - to provide real-time security monitoring of valuable assets.

IQinVision supplies high-performance network cameras for the industrial and surveillance markets. The company's IQeye smart network cameras provide some of the highest resolution capabilities on the market, allowing TrueSentry not only to focus more sharply on a specific target but to retain a consistent surveillance field.

"Instead of having to pan around, you can just zoom in on the target digitally and you won't lose the whole field of view," said Pete Quintas, InterAct vice president, surveillance solutions. "Adding IQinVision systems to TrueSentry's robust security monitoring application will provide public safety and security customers a higher level of assurance that they can see and handle any situation that may arise."

"TrueSentry is a video surveillance system that has generated real traction in a competitive marketplace," said Peter C. DeAngelis, IQinVision's president and chief executive officer. "We are thrilled that InterAct has chosen to leverage the benefits of our high-performance cameras in the public safety space."

ActivEye supplies video analytics solutions that redefine the accuracy and effectiveness of closed circuit television (CCTV) for security, traffic management and business operations. The company's flagship Active Alert product simultaneously tracks and classifies people, vehicles and objects in normal crowd densities.

Integrating ActivEye products into TrueSentry allows the video surveillance system to spot and track suspicious behavior in a more effective manner, saving system operators time and bandwidth costs. The use of advanced analytics is expected to reduce the potential for missed events and cut the number of false alarms by focusing on prescribed patterns of activity.

"Advanced technologies including network cameras and powerful Command & Control platforms such as TrueSentry enable public safety personnel to offer an enhanced level of situational monitoring," said Carolyn C. Ramsey, CEO, ActivEye. "Effectively watching all of those additional cameras is a resource-draining problem that is solved with the addition of ActivEye video analytic software. We are proud to partner with InterAct to offer a best-in-breed solution."

"InterAct TrueSentry is always looking for ways to add new capabilities to provide our public safety customers with a more complete, effective video surveillance solution," InterAct's Quintas said. "Adding ActivEye products will help us deliver the comprehensive, cutting-edge services that will help agencies protect their assets and protect the public."

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