California Police Department Orders Video Surveillance Systems from Perpetual Digital

Global ePoint Inc. today said that a California police department has placed an order for Perpetual Digital's video surveillance systems.

Perpetual Digital is part of Global ePoint's Digital Technology division.

The order represents an initial deployment of an integrated video surveillance system featuring Perpetual Digital's Digital Video Recorder (DVR) system, indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, and Perpetual Digital's BridgeMax video archival system, the company said.

The system provides high-resolution video, video input up to 32 cameras, internal storage capability of 600 GB, advanced search capability, remote monitoring, network integration, password protection and custom configuration. The BridgeMax storage system will provide additional video surveillance archival storage of up to two years.

The order marks the initial entry into the law enforcement and prison market for the Perpetual Digital product line, which was launched in January of 2005.

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