GVI Security Solutions Launches Mass Transit Intelligent Video System

CARROLLTON, Texas -- GVI Security Solutions, Inc., a provider of integrated Homeland Security Enterprise solutions for government agencies and the private sector, announced the introduction of its Mass Transit Intelligent Video System (MTIVS). The MTIVS system, developed from the GVI TRAK platform, can also be deployed at airports, buildings, stadiums, nuclear and chemical plants, ports and any other critical infrastructure facilities.

"As the global community is confronted with a quickening pace of terrorist activity, GVI continues to provide innovative security solutions that are vital for detecting and thwarting these incidents. Our Intelligent Video Threat Detection System uses sophisticated algorithms to automatically detect, identify and signal an alarm when the system detects unauthorized activities occurring within or approaching the perimeter of a transit facility," said GVI Chairman Howard Safir, the former NYPD Commissioner. "MTIVS is a system that can provide preventative measures in transit systems across the country prior to a terrorist incident not just historical data after the fact," Safir added.

MTIVS is an Intelligent Video Threat Detection System, which utilizes sophisticated algorithms to automatically and continuously monitor, scan, evaluate record and display video inputs from multiple cameras in a single command and control center to instantly alert an active security response that can prevent a tragedy from occurring. Examples of such events include:

  • intrusion detection and tracking,
  • detection of abandoned objects,
  • and illegal parking detection in sensitive zones

The MTIVS system continuously monitors multiple cameras with fully automatic pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) operation to identify and track unauthorized activity.

The cost effective system records all video inputs and automatically displays and alerts security or police personnel to respond. Instead of hundreds of screens to watch, the police at a transit command center have the advantage of intelligent displays that highlight the types of critical threats that have struck mass transit facilities.