Ortega InfoSystems Introduces VideoSmart IP Video Solution

Fremont, CA - Ortega InfoSystems has announced the availability of VideoSmart, the company's latest offering that provides a powerful, complete IP video solution for today's mission-critical security applications. Based on Ortega's industry-leading mapping and video management software with over 700 installations world-wide, the VideoSmart solution has all the software and hardware components needed to easily set up, access, and manage IP video anywhere from a single Web browser. The comprehensive and fully-configured system makes it ideal for environments with constrained support and installation resources.

At the heart of the VideoSmart solution is powerful, highly-flexible management and control software that allows all user operations to be managed through an Internet browser that features a rich, map-based Graphical User Interface (GUI). This GUI design gives the operator a high level of control over crucial video information in systems ranging from tens to thousands of cameras geographically dispersed. VideoSmart's new network video recording (NVR) component allows video data to be captured and recorded at a substantially lower cost.

Key product features of VideoSmart software include the following:

  • Geographic mapping via web-based user interface
  • Live and recorded video management
  • Event/alarm management
  • PTZ control
  • Network storage management (NVR)
  • Virtual switching
  • IP device management

The complete VideoSmart IP Video System combines Ortega's management software with high-performance MPEG-4 IP video components, enabling a complete, fully-integrated solution that can be configured and installed quickly and easily. Key Ortega hardware elements include:

  • MPEG-4 fixed IP Cameras
  • MPEG-4 IP Dome Cameras
  • MPEG-4 Video Servers – IP Encoders
  • MPEG-4 Trancoders – IP Decoders
  • VideoSmart Cube – Application appliance

Each IP hardware component includes a software channel license that allows straightforward integration within the VideoSmart system. All hardware and software components are thoroughly tested and validated to ensure the highest level of interoperability and performance. Additionally, support for popular third-party devices (cameras, DVRs, etc.) is provided via optional SmartNode modules, thereby protecting customers' investment in existing video installations.

More information is available online at www.ortegainfo.com.