Telesystems Introduces Pocket-Sized Video/Audio Recorder

Telesystems, a Russian company that has focused on development of miniature recording devices, has introduced the mAVR, an extremely small audio/video recorder. Sized smaller than a cigarette pack, the mAVR records video from external PAL/NTSC camera with up to double CIF resolution and audio from internal or external microphones and stores the recorded information on a regular compact flash card.

The mAVR is a completely autonomous recorder and uses a built-in rechargeable battery which provides up to 6 hours operation in record mode. An external video camera can be powered from this battery as well that eliminates the necessity to carry the additional power source.

During downloading the records are converted in AVI format, a format supported by all media players.

The records are watermark protected and contain date/time stamp according to the built-in real time clock. The supplied software provides the possibility to check the integrity of downloaded records. As the result a user receives the notification if the verified record was modified or not. This sort of information is quite useful for court examinations and simply for originality confirmation.

The recorder is very simple in operation - there are just two control buttons: Start and Record. The recorder can be also controlled remotely with a remote control unit or with different detectors and alarm sensors.

The company intends to offer updated software for voice activation and motion detection systems that will make the recorder even more suitable for covert and stationary applications.