In Brazil: Thieves Tunnel into Bank Vault for $67.8 Million

Bank looking into why cameras and motion detectors inside vault weren't triggered

In 2001, da Silva was serving a 25-year sentence for robbery when he and more than 100 other inmates tunneled their way out of a prison in Sao Paulo.

In October of last year, at least eight men wearing monkey and clown masks broke through a bathroom of the money-transport company, Nordeste Transbank Seguranca e Transporte de Valores, after digging a 400-foot-long tunnel from a nearby house.

Wielding AK-47 semiautomatic rifles, the robbers forced about 75 workers tallying cash for automatic-teller machines to stuff the money in bags and fled back through the tunnel after spending only 10 minutes inside the building.

They made off with $1.6 million.