New Network Video Recorder with Removable Hard Disk from IndigoVision

IndigoVision has launched a new addition to its range of Network Video Recorder (NVR) products. NVR1.5 has a 'hot-swappable' removable hard disk drive, which can be replaced without interrupting recording – it takes just 20 seconds to swap discs. Any number of disks can be swapped out providing increased storage capacity. Typically a single disk will store 4 months of continuous full frame-rate high quality digital video. In addition disks can be moved between any NVR1.5 on the network allowing for example, remote recording with archiving and playback at a central location. NVR1.5 provides fault-tolerant solutions for mission critical applications. It has built-in redundant power supplies and network connections and recordings can be mirrored to multiple NVR's around the network.

NVR1.5 is designed to work with IndigoVision's IP-Video technology and provides significant benefits over traditional Digital Video Recorder (DVR) solutions. It is important to differentiate between DVRs and NVRs, as both are often termed 'digital'. A DVR digitally compresses analogue video feeds and stores them on a hard disk, the term 'digital' referring to the compression and storage technology, not the transmitted video images. The DVR therefore has to be located near the analogue feeds, typically next to a matrix. In contrast an NVR stores digital images directly from the IP-network, and can be located and distributed anywhere on the network. IndigoVision's NVRs overcome the scalability issues associated with stand-alone DVRs.

IndigoVision is currently the only provider of NVRs which can be used transparently in locations remote from the viewing software. This is achieved by the implementation of thumbnails, which allow 24 hours of video to be retrieved and displayed within 6 seconds. This overcomes network bandwidth limitations and makes searching video in remote locations a reality.