Indianapolis Airport's Federal Security Director Killed in Accident

Dick Suekawa was on vacation in Denver when a car accident became fatal, taking the life of a man respected for his ability to create partnerships in securing the Indiana airport.

Suekawa, who had been named as the TSA Federal Security Director at the Indianapolis International Airport in July 2002, was credited with establishing the TSA operations at the Indianapolis airport.

"He dedicated himself to partnering with the aviation stakeholders and the traveling public to ensure safety and security," said Kip Hawley, assistant secretary of Homeland Security for TSA. "His excellent leadership and character represented the best of the TSA, and he was committed to the agency's core values of integrity, innovation and teamwork," Hawley continued. "His death is a great loss and will be felt by TSA staff members and stakeholders across the nation."

Prior to his service at IND as the TSA security director, Suekawa gave 27 years of his efforts the Secret Service and had become the Special Agent in Charge for the Minneapolis Field Office. He had served on protective details for Presidents Reagan and Carter and for Lady Bird Johnson.

Patrick Dooley, IND Director, called Suekawa "a true law enforcement professional who took his responsibilities very seriously" and said he will be "sorely missed."