EMX Announces New Radar/Thermal 'Slew-to-Cue' Feature on Camera System

MELBOURNE, Fla. - EMX announced that it has completed the design and fabrication of the hardware/software needed to interface the EMX product line of day/night surveillance camera systems with the Furuno NAVNET 1833C Series of marine radars. The ability to integrate thermal imaging surveillance with radar detection offers increased efficiency on the bridge through faster and more accurate target identification and decision-making. The resulting enhancement of navigation and security safety is important for all concerned in the maritime industry -- from workboats, passenger ferries and private pleasure boats to law enforcement, Coast Guard and military craft.

"The 'slew-to-cue' feature is something the maritime marketplace asked for several months ago and we now have the feature ready to sell," said Tim Arion, CEO of EMX, Inc. "Slew-to-cue allows a radar operator to move his radar track ball crosshair over a target; designate the target; and then the EMX day/night surveillance system will automatically slew to the target bearing to permit the radar operator to identify the radar target in a 24/7 environment. Integration with the Furuno NAVNET was important because the Furuno display has external video inputs to accommodate the video from the surveillance cameras and display the imagery on the radar display." Arion reports that other radar manufacturers are also interested in providing this feature and discussions are underway to adapt to their respective product lines.

EMX has manufactured and integrated camera systems since 1998. EMX's thermal-imaging cameras operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and offer protection to people and facilities in all branches of the U.S. military, federal agencies, state and local law enforcement, ports and harbors as well as leading global corporations.