Cernium Intelligent Video Management Systems to be Offered by Integrator RFI

ST. LOUIS -- Cernium, Inc., the leader in behavior-recognition software and intelligent video surveillance, announced that it is partnering with top security systems integrator RFI Communications & Security Systems to market Cernium's intelligent video management system. RFI has signed an agreement with Cernium to sell and distribute Cernium's Perceptrak system which analyzes images from video surveillance feeds and alerts security personnel to behaviors that are suspicious or out-of-the-ordinary, such as a fallen person, lingering individuals or vehicles, erratic movement, abandoned objects, unauthorized personnel or vehicles in restricted areas, etc.

"Through Cernium, RFI is able to offer its customers a complete intelligent video management system, which is an integral component in securing any institutional, industrial, or commercial facility," said Scott Ferguson, General Manager, RFI Communications & Security Systems. "RFI evaluated Cernium's Perceptrak as the leading system of its type and we are pleased to offer our customers this tool to more efficiently manage their surveillance systems and more effectively secure their facilities."

Cernium's products are currently being used to help protect well-known airports, government facilities, hospitals, corporations, schools, cultural institutions and prisons in the U.S. and worldwide.

"RFI is consistently ranked as a top integrator for security systems, and has a longstanding track record for taking complete security systems from the concept stage to successful completion for a wide range of customers," said Mark Nazarenus, vice president of sales and marketing for Cernium. "We are pleased that Perceptrak will be included in RFI's portfolio as the intelligent video management system of choice."

Perceptrak can monitor an unlimited number of video feeds for a wide range of pre-defined, anomalous behaviors and then alert personnel to the behavior in question for further evaluation or action. Perceptrak eliminates the boredom and fatigue-based errors that can arise from personnel monitoring dozens or hundreds of video feeds that are often displaying no activity at sprawling facilities over the course of a full work shift.