Lockheed Martin to Manage Verified ID's Roll Out of Registered Traveler Programs

NEW YORK -- Verified Identity Pass, Inc. (Verified ID), a company created to provide a nationally-recognized credential for people seeking expedited access through airport security checkpoints, announced that Lockheed Martin Corporation will become Verified ID's lead systems integrator for the operation of all Verified ID installations, including enrollment, biometrics capture, and access control systems. Verified ID also announced that Lockheed Martin has acquired a minority stake in Verified ID.

Verified ID Pass is developing a biometrically-secure, fast-line security access system meant to be recognized across multiple venues including critical infrastructure facilities with high security requirements such as screening employees, vendors and other visitors. As such, it offers better access control at private facilities -- such as utility plants, office buildings or security-sensitive manufacturing sites -- while providing fast-line access at public facilities, such as airports. Verified ID plans to spread the costs of the system across multiple venues recognizing Verified ID membership, as well as individual members who pay a small fee, to create a cost-effective, fast- line security product priced and branded for consumers.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has announced plans to launch a Private Sector Registered Traveler program that could potentially roll out across the country at no cost to the taxpayer, while governed by strict security protections and privacy policies. It would allow travelers to volunteer to be pre-screened by TSA and then to be issued biometrically secure membership cards to be used to expedite their passage through airport security lanes.

Verified ID has been holding discussions with major airlines and airports across the country to prepare plans for participation in the program.

"We found so much interest that we realized we needed a major systems integrator with the operational expertise to help us create a network of interoperable programs at many of the nation's busiest airports," said Verified ID founder and CEO Steven Brill. "We trust that the Lockheed Martin team will be the best technologists to help turn this vision into reality because of their performance record on a number of national security deployments."

"Lockheed Martin is committed to working with Verified ID to get a registered traveler program in place to operate with maximum efficiency and security," said Don Antonucci, the President of Lockheed Transportation and Security Solutions. "With Verified ID's consumer-centric vision, this business model will involve a mix of skills from Lockheed Martin and Verified ID. We can focus on the technology and deployment, while Verified ID can focus on marketing, pricing, branding, customer service and consumer privacy policies."