Global ePoint Introduces Video Surveillance Solution Targeting Mexican Financial Industry

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. -- Global ePoint, Inc., a leading manufacturer of security technologies for the aviation, military, law enforcement, industrial and commercial markets, announced an addition to its Perpetual Digital product line. The development of the Perpetual Digital surveillance system was initiated in 2004 and was designed specifically for the financial market to include automated video and data transfer features to meet the stringent requirements enforced by Seproban (Seguridad y Proteccion Bancarias or Bank Security Protection). Seproban is a mixed public-private company established by the federal government and financial institutions operating in Mexico to standardize security activities within the banks and develop policies to prevent bank crimes. Based upon a federal mandate Seproban establishes and maintains the rules for the security technology that is required for each bank branch.

The surveillance systems are equipped with custom software that allows for automated video and data transfer of an incident quickly to a central monitoring location to ensure a timely response to the incident by the authorities.

"This new product introduction illustrates the flexibility of our video surveillance solutions. Our software architecture already delivers a powerfully robust feature set. This solution demonstrates our engineering expertise and application allowing us to quickly deliver a custom solution to meet market needs and customer's requirements." commented Greg Edelman, Vice President of Business Development for Global ePoint. "This surveillance solution provides an automated trigger that quickly sends a complete video and data file of not only the incident itself but also the events leading up to the incident. This is a unique and powerful feature and it has multiple applications for the Banking, Retail, Government, and Transportation industries," continued Mr. Edelman.