TeleEye Launches SF389 Outdoor Day/Night IR Camera

Want to make night vision possible? The newly launched SF389 Outdoor Day/Night Varifocal Auto-Iris IR Camera from TeleEye Group makes it possible. The intelligent all-in-one SF389 not only supports IR illumination but also comes with varifocal, auto-iris IR lens and IR-cut filter, which enable high quality image in low-light situations or even in complete darkness.

Auto-switching IR-cut Filter
TeleEye SF389 is equipped with an automatic switching IR-cut filter, which produces accurate color image under natural light providing monochrome images in low light or no light conditions. During the daytime, the IR-cut filter inside the TeleEye SF389 removes IR component in the natural environment showing clear color definition. Under no light condition, the SF389 would remove its IR-cut filter and turn on its IR LEDs to deliver black and white image under IR illumination.

Varifocal IR Lens and High Resolution CCD
TeleEye SF389 is equipped with f=3.8-9.5mm auto-iris IR lens. With its built-in varifocal IR lens, this unique camera provides viewing angles ranging from 28°- 64° while displaying images without distortion. Since the wavelength of IR light is significantly longer than that of visible light, the focus of image will be shifted when switching from visible to IR illumination or vice versa. The IR lens equipped in the TeleEye SF389 can compensate the focusing problem to produce sharp images under both visible and IR illuminations environment. The camera has a 1/3” high definition interline transfer CCD and delivers high resolution image with 480 TV lines.

IR Illumination
Embedded with 15 IR LEDs, TeleEye SF389 does not rely on any external light source even in complete darkness. The IR LEDs will be triggered under low illumination circumstances and its effective viewing range is up to a distance of 15 meters. The camera has minimum illumination of 0.0 lux.

Other Sophisticated Features
In addition to the absolute weather proof design, TeleEye SF389 contains other sophisticated features like white balance (auto/push selectable), back light compensation, auto gain control and many more. The camera can also be used in standalone condition or connected with other sophisticated TeleEye video transmitters for remote surveillance applications.

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