Vicon Introduces Network Server for Digital Video Transmission

Hauppauge, NY - Vicon Industries Inc. has released a new VN-301T Network Server, a digital video transmitter powered by ViconNet software platform.

ViconNet allows each VN-301T to collect local video from its analog input and send streamed video over the network to the ViconNet Video Management and Configuration Software or Kollector Elite recorders, providing outstanding flexibility. ViconNet also powers each VN-301T with the ability to be remotely configured from other recorders and workstations on the network. Changes to transmitter parameters are possible from one or more ViconNet Video Management and Configuration Software or Kollector Elite recorders.

In addition, the VN-301T supports full PTZ control, alarms, picture quality configuration, external sensors and macros. The VN-301T distributes its own collected video to each workstation, or other Kollector Elite Server, upon request over a network. Each recorder and workstation is capable of viewing 16 simultaneous cameras while supporting archiving, system configuration and the control of pan/tilt/zoom drives.

The VN-301T video transmission can be displayed on a SVGA monitor and supports NTSC/EIA and PAL/CCIR video cameras. In addition, the VN-301T supports Internet connectivity for remote video transmission. Compatibility with standard analog cameras makes the VN-301T perfect for converting existing analog systems to digital. Its small compact size and easy installation make it a great addition to an existing system.

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