MedAire Moves into Aviation Security Market

TEMPE, Ariz., -- MedAire, Inc. announced that it has expanded beyond the medical assistance services the company provides the aviation industry, launching a new line of security solutions to help flight crews prepare for and resolve potential security risks.

MedAire's new security program, which was revealed during the 2004 National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) convention and meeting, provides flight crew with both preparedness strategies and emergency response assistance. The program includes services such as crisis management and incident response plans; onsite security audits and travel risk assessments; 24-hour security consultation; web-based security alerts; and emergency evacuation assistance.

"For nearly 20 years, we have worked hand-in-hand with the world's top flight departments helping them manage their medical needs," said Joan Sullivan Garrett, MedAire president and CEO. "However as MedAire evolved into a complete travel assistance provider, it became necessary to integrate security expertise into our overall aviation programs and develop a product that truly addresses their overall health and safety concerns."

MedAire's security programs include:

  • 24-hour security consultation and assistance - MedAire's Global Response Center provides the base of the company's global security operations for monitoring world events, becoming the single point of contact for sending and receiving information and taking command of crisis management situations. The center is staffed with security experts who are available for immediate consultation or to coordinate worldwide security support services such as securing ground transportation or executive/VIP protection.
  • Crisis management and incident response plans - A highly collaborative and interactive plan development process involving MedAire's security professionals, the flight department and other key decision makers or stakeholders. Plans are created to provide flight crew with the guidance necessary to take command of any situation and are designed to be incorporated into the company's overall crisis management plan.
  • Onsite security audits - An onsite audit that examines the critical areas of the flight operations center or hangar, including physical security infrastructure (such as lighting, fences and access control systems); security policies, plans and protocols; and level of security awareness and education among department personnel.
  • Client-specific risk assessments - A pre-travel service flight crews can use for determining specific risk factors that they may face during travel. The assessment gives a greater understanding of the security challenges for any given trip and offers specific recommendations for minimizing potential risks.
  • Online travel and security alerts - A web-based information service that provides flight crews with insight into the country or region they will be traveling. Alerts, which are updated around-the-clock, provide flight crews with country risk assessments, daily alerts and risk reports, travel tips and an-easy-to-understand country risk rating system.
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