Hummingbird Selects MDI for Airport Checkpoint Surveillance Program

SAN ANTONIO -- MDI, Inc., a recognized leader in delivering open integrated access control, alarm management and video security solutions, today announced that MDI Security System's (MDI) award-winning SAFEnet Open Systems Integration (OSI) Platform has been selected by Hummingbird Defense Systems (Hummingbird) to serve as the centralized command and control foundation for a phased airport checkpoint security technology pilot program promoted by the United States Transportation Security Agency (TSA).

Hummingbird utilized its broad technical and communications expertise to provide a solution set to the federal government that would employ a "first-of-its-kind," graphically driven, integrated command center concept that is capable of delivering global visibility and situational awareness across all airport checkpoint environments. After testing a number of competing technologies, Hummingbird selected SAFEnet based on its open architecture platform, data-driven integration capabilities and proven operating history.

"We have designed our infrastructure as a compliment to the Department of Homeland Security model which will position us to provide seamless integration with existing complimentary solutions," stated Steve Greschner, CEO for Hummingbird. "Based on what we've encountered in our execution to this point, SAFEnet offers the open integration capabilities necessary to put the pieces in place for these types of complex projects," he added.

SAFEnet serves as the visual management and integration dashboard for a multitude of critical checkpoint screening and security technologies including X-ray, magnetometers, baggage screening, explosives detection, biometric verification, surveillance-based facial recognition (face in the crowd), intelligent video with directional motion analysis and ticket-to-baggage tracking. Hummingbird is drawing upon SAFEnet's open architecture design to integrate additional technologies, as needed, at each new project location across the country.

"We are excited to have been chosen to participate in this important homeland initiative and to be working with an industry leader such as Hummingbird," stated Robb Schorr, Senior Vice President of Sales for MDI Security Systems. "The SAFEnet solution was designed to seamlessly integrate various third party systems, allowing each airport checkpoint (estimated at over 1,000) to utilize their current investments in technology while delivering global management oversight capabilities in a centralized command, contain and control environment," he added.

The two companies are currently in the process of replicating the implementation of this global security management concept throughout strategic airport locations in China. Additional news will follow as projects develop.