BSI2000 Receives Order for ClearID2000 Electronic Fingerprint Scanning System

DENVER -- BSI2000, Inc., a leading developer of high-end access control security systems for commercial and governmental use, announced today that the Union County Sheriff's Office in Liberty, Ind., has placed an order for BSI2000's ClearID2000(TM) electronic fingerprint scanning system. BSI2000 expects to ship the system to Union County next week.

A spokeswoman for Union County Sheriff Steve Leverton said, "The ClearID2000 fingerprinting system is exactly what we have been looking for to make in-booking of detainees into our jail a more efficient process. ClearID2000 will allow us to convert from the old-fashioned process of fingerprinting with ink and paper, to a reliable high-technology system that will reduce the number of fingerprints rejected by the FBI due to poor quality. We are anxious to get started with the new system."

The county purchased the system with lease/purchase financing provided by Municipal Asset Management of Colorado Springs.

Jack Harper, CEO of BSI2000, said, "The financing program provides another avenue through which clients that do not have immediate funding available to them can purchase the systems. I am quite heartened that, after announcing ClearID2000 only a month ago and with minimal marketing, we have delivered systems to so many different markets -- sheriff's offices, coroners' offices and police departments. I expect sales of ClearID2000 to continue to increase as we begin to roll out our full marketing plan."

BSIO believes ClearID2000's competitive advantages include high portability, ease of use through a well-thought-out graphical user interface with a touch screen, a low learning curve, high durability and lower cost. The product was announced by BSI2000 on June 29.