DreamzNet Changes Name to EzValidation

FREMONT, Calif -- New Name Aligns with Company's Mission to Provide Applications Development Software for Secure and Easy Digital Identity

DreamzNet, Inc. announced that the company name has been changed to EzValidation, Inc. to support the company's mission to deliver easy-to-use applications software for the easy development of consumer-friendly validation or authentication protocols for security and biometric systems.

The company's EzPassport software allows software developers, systems developers and IT organizations to implement, customize and easily add biometric and other security access features to Windows, PC devices, smartcards, networks and cell phones.

"Our new name, EzValidation, reflects our goal to provide easy to use applications development software for security and biometrics applications to leading OEMs throughout the world for the desktop and embedded markets," remarked Shoieb Yunus, EzValidation CEO.

EzValidation Products: Building Blocks for Digital Identity & Secure Applications
The EzPassport ToolKit is a Software Development Kit (SDK) with the components needed to add biometric security features to Windows applications. It offers shortcuts for integrating security to any software package and includes plug-ins for fingerprint authentication, smartcard, iris, retina, voice and face recognition technologies.

EzPassport Plus is a simple, easy-to-use fingerprint authentication software application for Windows. It offers data security, secure logon, an easy-to-navigate GUI and hardware interface to support security and biometric device providers.