Bold Partners with EyeRover for New Video Strategy

Bold Technologies has announced a strategic partnership with EyeRover Media, a move that that will allow the seamless integration of any video technology through Manitou, Bold's central station automation software.

"The feature-rich EyeRover platform acts as middleware and opens the gateway for all video platforms," explained Jerry Winslow. "This frees Bold from having to integrate every video technology into Manitou and provides a wider choice for control centers and central stations.

Because Manitou combined with EyeRover works with wide-area corporate networks, end users can also benefit from integrating their video security systems with their intrusion and access based systems. Rather then invest in two parallel systems, corporate customers will be able to purchase one integrated automation system with the friendly and intuitive Manitou interface.

EyeRover's open and highly scaleable IT architecture, offers the benefits of real-time video monitoring and archiving without having to maintain network recording equipment on premise. Central station operators can automatically view the zone where the alarm was generated as well as capture the event for further use. When calling law enforcement authorities, the operator can indicate what they have observed and prompt more effective responses to the nature of the alarm.

Commercial-grade CCTV and digital IP cameras can be securely accessed from Manitou to watch full-motion video (at up to 30 images per second). Cameras can be viewed individually and in groups with user controls such as pan-tilt-zoom supported. Multiple users can access the same cameras simultaneously.

"We are thrilled to combine our technology with Manitou's capabilities and believe that this combination will accelerate the implementation of digital IP video solutions," said Joe Korb, CEO of EyeRover Media. "Unnecessary complexity, duplicate data and systems and lack of standards have inhibited market adoption until now. Manitou, with the embedded EyeRover technology, solves all of these problems."

"As the number of video surveillance systems increases, so does the demand for integrating these systems with the rest of the enterprise. We are committed to simplifying the way enterprises use video, providing a total solution based on a single-system architecture approach," added Winslow.

With EyeRover embedded in Manitou, it will become even easier for central station operators and corporate security customers to use video technology to be more agile, flexible, and responsive.

The combined Bold and EyeRover solution will be demonstrated at Bold's booth #751 during the ASIS 2004 show.

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