Accu-Sort Installs 4th RFID Airport Security Sorting System

PHILADELPHIA -- Continuing its tradition of pioneering work in auto ID, Accu-Sort Systems announced it has successfully installed its fourth RFID airport baggage sortation system, used for high-risk passenger luggage screening.

Enhanced screening of high-risk passengers has become an imperative since 9/11. However, traditional baggage identification technologies do not guarantee that the right bags are sorted to the right locations without human intervention. The reason for the failure is lack of "line of sight." Current systems must "see" the baggage tags to read them. But tags are folded and hidden by the baggage itself as it travels along an airport conveyor. This results in misdirected luggage and customer inconvenience.

This lack of 100% reading of tags is not acceptable when airports need to guarantee the tracking and inspection of high-risk passenger luggage.

RFID for sortation systems developed by Accu-Sort help ensure 100% read rate. ASI solves the problem of six-sided RFID identification by using a 4-antennae tunnel. Each antenna is placed in an optimized location around the tunnel framework. The top 3 antennae can be mounted on the structure but the bottom read antenna is another story: an antenna cannot read through metal. To avoid removing a section of the metal conveyor bed, ASI developed its patented "speed bump" technology. This design simplifies installation and eliminates the need to remove the existing metal conveyor bed.

"With Accu-Sort's experience installing these systems," said Steven T. Kowalke, RFID Business Unit Manager, "airports can be guaranteed that the systems will work in the most demanding environments."