Armida Technologies Closes Seed Funding Round

SAN ANTONIO, CA -- Wireless surveillance video startup Armida Technologies officials announced this week they have closed the initial round of funding needed to complete beta tests of Armida's new Video-Aware security platform.

Bill Lawrence, the company's president and CEO, said the first round of funding will help the company fully develop the product's technical features before releasing it for general distribution later this year.

Armida Technologies is offering the first wireless surveillance system to dramatically improve video quality over wireless networks as well as providing portability for a "system agnostic" infrastructure, Lawrence noted. He added that his company's Wireless Adaptive Video Encoding (WAVE) technology works well with existing security platforms while taking advantage of the new wireless local area networking transmission capabilities. "Our investors see the tremendous market potential of our products, and they realize that with this round of testing, we can create a product that will help security professionals and information technicians fully integrate corporate surveillance platforms into their operations," he said.

Customers are already embracing the benefits of Armida's solutions. Tommy Murray, Vice President of Information Technology for San Antonio based Holt-CAT Companies, says he is looking forward to testing Armida's new product when it is available during the second quarter. "When you have to build a video surveillance system, it would help to have it on one platform," Murray said.

"The surveillance industry has yet to cross the digital chasm between traditional security platforms and information technologies' true capability," Lawrence added. "We believe our products will help two distinct business sectors -- IT and security -- work on finding new solutions that will protect businesses and governments."

The funding round was led by an angel investor in Corpus Christi, Texas and included 3 other angels in Corpus Christi and San Antonio, Texas.