Syscan to Build RFID Applications for Health Science Sector

MONTREAL -- Syscan International announced that in response to market demand, it will begin building RFID based applications specifically targeted at the Health Science Sector.

Mr. Axel Striefler, President of Syscan said, "We are pleased to announce that we have been commissioned by a U.S. based health sector company to design an RFID enabled sample tracking application for their operations. Increasingly, North American healthcare organizations are confronted with growing challenges in the service of their clientele, controlling costs, adhering to increased regulatory enactments and enhancing the delivery of their services. Physicians, pharmacists, technicians, caregivers and administrators must deliver service and care where and whenever it is needed in a timely and cost effective manner. In order to meet these daily demands, these professionals need accurate timely and confidential access to vital medical information in an automated operational environment The maintenance of automated data tracking through RFID enabled applications will enable all stakeholders in the system to validate, monitor and control the accuracy of this critical information.

Mr. Striefler continued, "Over the past several years, Syscan has built a growing expertise and reputation in RFID based, track, trace and communication applications in a variety of industries. The North American Health Care sector is a natural target for our systems, as our technology is readily adaptable to an attractive variety of Health Science applications."