ThingMagic Sets the Security Standard for RFID Readers with MercuryOS 2.2 Shannon

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- ThingMagic, Inc., a leading developer of radio frequency identification (RFID), sensing and embedded computing technologies, today released MercuryOS 2.2 Shannon, a major software upgrade to its Mercury4 line of RFID readers. Shannon significantly increases security and scalability for the world's most advanced RFID readers, and further advances Mercury4 interoperability with a range of RFID tag variants. Mercury4 is the only RFID reader to offer such advanced security features.

As more readers are deployed into more and more business critical applications, robust security is equally critical. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Secure Shell (SSH) security and encryption features in MercuryOS 2.2 allow users to selectively interact with and manage Mercury4 readers across corporate intranets and wide area networks.

"Security is a primary issue in the RFID market. It's critical that RFID vendors address security issues with each product upgrade, and this is a good example of a vendor proactively improving security functionality in a networked RFID reader," said Michael J. Liard, RFID Research Program Director at Venture Development Corporation. "By tackling Telnet, network, and other RFID security issues in advance of customer requests and requirements, ThingMagic exhibits the thought leadership and technical innovation considered necessary in today's market."

"We've been beta testing Shannon, and believe it addresses the latest concerns of customers. They want RFID readers that are secure, enterprise-grade and scalable, can handle fast moving conveyor belt traffic, and are easily deployed into existing IT networks and infrastructures," said Louis Sirico, Vice President, RFID Global Solutions, a leading RFID reseller. "Shannon is a must for Mercury4 readers because it provides tangible benefits to our customers."

"With the advent of the EPCglobal Generation 2 standard, and ThingMagic's ongoing MercuryOS advancements, Mercury4's software-based architecture is paying off for our customers. There's no need to manually upgrade existing readers, or replace them with new ones, in order to reap the security and scalability benefits of MercuryOS 2.2, Gen2, or any future improvements and standards," said Tom Grant, Chairman and CEO of ThingMagic. "ThingMagic made a calculated and strategic decision to adopt this software-defined radio architecture, so our customers would have the best, most secure, and most cost-effective RFID readers, which can be upgraded in minutes."

MercuryOS 2.2 features include:
-- Enhanced security: With the addition of SSL and SSH support that far exceeds the security provided by Telnet, access to Mercury4 readers can be both authenticated (for access control) and encrypted (for privacy).

-- Updated RFID Tag Support: Mercury4 readers can kill tags, lock data, utilize passwords and read/write data on a variety of tags that recently added these functions.

-- API Extensions: The Mercury4 API allows more user control over the search process, includes an application-specific API for reading multiple tags on fast-moving conveyor belts, and a synchronization API for loading dock applications. Mercury4 readers used with high-speed conveyor belts can now read tags in 12 ms, or about one-tenth the time it takes to blink an eye.