DVTel Wins IP Innovation of the Year Award at IIPSEC Show

Coventry, U.K. and Ridgefield Park, NJ - DVTel Inc., multiple award-winning market leader in delivering integrated IP security solutions for surveillance and monitoring, announced it had been awarded the coveted 2005 IIPSEC Security Awards IP Innovation of the Year, garnering top show honors from among more than 50 entrants. In addition, DVTel was one of five finalists in the IP Software (Latitude Network Video Management System) and IP Applications (Westminster Council) categories, winning the award for Best IP Application.

Andrew Snellgrove, network manager for Westminster Council, commenting on the award, "In large part the success for this innovative Wireless City project came from breaking down traditional constraints between customer and vendor, so that we achieved much more of a partnership model. We feel our wireless network security model is highly suitable to other major metropolitan areas that face similar security challenges and wish to leverage network resources for non-security applications and benefits. We have DVTel technology and partnership to thank as major factors in this success."

David Petrook, DVTel EMEA managing director, accepted both the IP Application and Innovation awards at the Gala Awards Dinner on Jan. 26 at the Royal Court Hotel, in Coventry, as part of the festivities surrounding the IIPSEC 2005 week.

On accepting the award, Petrook said, "Integration and true partnership between the players were key in producing this innovative project and the excellent system performance and ROI results we've achieved to date. Westminster Wireless City represents true multi-media convergence where previously this could only have been achieved over separate networks. With the recently announced expansion of the project, we're looking forward to a prolonged partnership and greater success."

DVTel's IP Security Awards winning entrants:

IP Software: Latitude Network Video Management System - The Latitude Network Video Management System (NVMS) is a fully-digital, IP-based video surveillance system that brings together in one system a CCTV matrix switch, a multiplexer, and a DVR with unlimited storage capacity. As a software-based enterprise-level video, audio, and data management system, the Latitude NVMS offers in a single graphical user interface (GUI) monitoring, recording, and analysis functionality that delivers the timely, accurate information required to effectively respond to any challenge.

IP Application: Westminster Wireless City - Westminster is home to some of London's best-know landmarks and districts including the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and Soho and has a residential community of 230,000 people. Tourists and commuters swell the population to 1.1 million on the average weekday. Westminster is also the centre of London's nightlife, which leaves it vulnerable to high crime rates and anti-social behavior. A wireless CCTV project was installed and contributes to decreased street crime and allows City officials to respond effectively to disturbances as they occur. The system has also become an avenue to support wireless delivery of other local government services to residents and government workers.

Along with the prestigious IIPSEC awards, DVTel has been named a New Product Showcase Award winner by the Security Industry Association in both 2003 and 2004.