ECSI Announces Security Partnership with Hudson Marine And Amata

CLIFTON, N.J. -- Electronic Control Security, Inc. (ECSI), a provider of electronic security systems to the government, defense, and private sectors, announced it has entered into a strategic alliance with Hudson Marine and Amata, Inc.

Hudson Marine and Amata along with ECSI are expected to integrate ECSI's solutions into both seaport and airport security programs for government agencies in the U.S. and on an international basis.

ECSI's security solutions include: the Fiber Optic Intelligence Detection System (FOIDS), Infrared Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (IPIDS), Human Detection System (HDS) utilizing Doppler radar, omni-directional video assessment and tracking system, and Integrated Detection and Monitoring System (IDMS) for command and control centers.

Arthur Barchenko, chairman and CEO of ECSI stated, "We are very pleased to work with Hudson Marine and Amata. This alliance gives us the ability to offer ECSI security solutions to government clients in the United States and overseas to protect our aviation, ports and cargo facilities. Our comprehensive security solutions protect complexes or defined areas from intrusion by potential hostile threats through a layered technology and cargo inspection approach. This alliance will enable us to effectively address many government and some industrial sites and facilities involving critical infrastructure without adding a layer of cost. It is our goal to help protect governments and industries worldwide."