Cohu Introduces New Single Piece Surveillance Camera

San Diego, CA -- After turning out CCTV cameras for nearly 50 years, Cohu Electronics has introduced a camera site "package" that is turning some heads, too. The new i-view II is a single piece CCTV positioner, camera, and controller.

While it's designed to meet the technical objectives of security professionals, what really seems to have people talking is its striking design. The side-mounted camera allows an uninterrupted view directly beneath the installation, and its 180° tilt axis provides far greater vertical scan range than traditional positioners. The positioner pans and tilts at an impressive 160°/sec in the preset mode and holds position accuracy to less than 0.1°. Digital position feedback to the Control Center provides precise camera details to other system management software.

The day/night DSP camera technology assures vivid color images during daylight and high sensitivity monochrome images after dark. There is a wide range of camera DSP functions, including privacy zones, image manipulation and backlight control. This technology, coupled with the camera's progressive scan sensor and internal scan converter, makes the i-view II ideal for high value asset monitoring, traffic management, license plate capture, and access control.

The i-view II comes standard with the exclusive Cohu multi-protocol control firmware. This means a customer can incorporate this Cohu camera into an existing control system from five other major manufacturers.

The i-view II is part of Cohu's "i-series" of camera site solutions that include i-view and i-dome cameras, i-commander desktop joysticks, and the i-control camera site control system integration unit. The series is an element of the company's expanding line of CCTV products for access control and large system surveillance applications.