CoreStreet's D'Agostino Named Executive Director of Open Security Exchange

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Sal D'Agostino, CoreStreet's vice president of business development, has been named Executive Director of the Open Security Exchange (OSE). CoreStreet is a leading provider of validation solutions for identity management and access control used in both physical and logical applications. The Open Security Exchange brings together industry leaders to ensure that converged products and services reach their promise of greater security and convenience.

D'Agostino will use his experience helping CoreStreet customers converge their physical and logical security to guide the overall direction of the organization. In this role he will also serve on several committees including the Convergence Council where he will work side by side with executives from the Defense Manpower Data Center, First Data Corporation, Oracle PeopleSoft, Procter & Gamble and Symantec.

"The dialogue that happens at the Open Security Exchange is truly a collaboration between industry leaders, and we're delighted that one of those leaders has accepted the position of Executive Director of the OSE," said Gary Klinefelter, chair of the OSE. "Here we all have the same interest -- to understand the end-user struggle with physical and logical convergence and be able to design and build converged products that are more cost-effective, secure and convenient. Sal's experience in the industry and his service on other industry boards will serve to help the OSE be more effective in advancing the mission of the organization."

OSE is a cross-industry association dedicated to making the convergence of physical and logical security easier and more effective. Made up of key technology vendors and end-users, the group develops specifications and guidelines in order to make converged solutions work. These key technology leaders will drive the technology standards that will make organizations less vulnerable to attacks and better able to consistently implement security policies.

"The focus of both buyers and sellers today is on converged, standards- based systems," said Steve Hunt, president and CEO of 4A International and a member of the OSE's advisory board. "This subject comes up in nearly every conversation we have with our clients -- both manufacturers of security equipment and Fortune 500 companies planning new systems -- and this is true regardless of location, U.S. or abroad."

D'Agostino has been at the forefront of the introduction of many new technologies. As the CEO of Computer Recognition Systems, Inc., D'Agostino worked on such projects as physical security for the U.S. Capitol; EZ Pass, the automated electronic toll collection system; automated commercial truck inspection and many others. D'Agostino currently serves as chair of the Transportation Research Board's Freeway Operations Committee Security Task Force and is Chairman of the Board of the Intelligent Transportation Society of Massachusetts.

In addition to his role on the Convergence Council, D'Agostino will also serve on the OSE's Technical Committee, Marketing Committee and Executive Committee. D'Agostino takes over for Eric Maurice. The position will last one year.