Securtex Introduces Rugged Mobile DVR with Built-in Passive GPS

Securtex International, Inc., a Dayton, Ohio based manufacturer of internationally distributed digital surveillance systems announces the launch of the Securtex MDVR-4120 line of Mobile Digital Video Recorders (MDVR) for use in trains, taxi cabs, school buses, watercraft, commercial fleets and other public and commercial vehicles. This Mobile DVR product can be used as both a security and management tool because it records security cameras and responds to 8 multiple information inputs.

The Securtex Mobile DVR features a failsafe embedded Linux operating system, MPEG-4 compression, wide temperature and voltage tolerance, in a rugged, sealed lightweight modular design using mobile certified hard drives and a locking case. It features 4 channels of fully synchronized video and audio and capable of recording and playback at 30 frames per second per camera.

The Securtex Mobile DVR also features integrated passive GPS to record speed and location of the vehicle and supports most, industry standard active GPS to locate the vehicle in real time. MDVR-4120 can be connected to wireless (WI-FI) network for viewing of live or recorded video.

The Securtex MDVR-4120 has been field tested for temperature tolerance and power usage. In a specific test the MDVR-4120 continued to operate flameless in the Nevada desert at temperature exceeding 170° F. In the same test the MDVR-4120 with 4 cameras connected continued to operate for 2 ˝ days with the vehicle turned off. At only 2.5 Amps total power required for MDVR-4120 and cameras, the MDVR-4120 is ideally suited for remote and portable use.

Driver management tools include 3 axis inertia sensors with supporting software intended to analyze driver habits and promote safe vehicle operation. When used to its full potential, the Securtex Mobile DVR is an effective tool that will condition drivers to drive safer and take better care of the vehicles to reduce maintenance expense.

"We are certain that MDVR-4120 is the most feature rich and reliable mobile DVR system available today," said Ted Humphrey, President of Securtex International, Inc. "The transportation market is looking for a product that not only visually records what is happening in and around the vehicle, but is also capable of determining where the vehicle went, its speed and whether the driver was operating the vehicle safely."

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