Neven Biometrics System Deployed by LAPD

Neven Vision, a developer of facial recognition software, announced the successful field implementation of its Mobile Identifier handheld biometric identification system by the Los Angeles Police Department.

The system is being utilized by officers with the LAPD's Rampart Division gang unit for remote identity verification and is credited with helping make more than 20 gang-related arrests in late 2004.

"Neven Vision facial recognition technology can identify a face in less than 180 milliseconds, 10 times faster than any other system. Speed of identification is the most critical factor for positive recognition of uncooperative subjects," said Hartmut Neven, CEO of Neven Vision. "We conceived the Mobile Identifier for law enforcement, security and military field applications where it is vital to correctly identify potential security threats."

The system includes Neven Vision's facial recognition software and a camera-enabled mobile device, such as a PocketPC or a cell phone, that law enforcement officers use to capture an image of a subject. The subject's face is then compared to a database of, for example, known gang members, suspected criminals or missing persons, and the likely matches are flagged, the company said.

Headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif., Neven Vision is a privately held developer of machine vision technology for the government and private security sectors, consumer electronics and the mobile phone industry. Its software is currently integrated in products ranging from facial biometrics for security and defense to facial-feature tracking for new forms of visual communication on mobile phones.