MoneyFlow Systems Introduces Three New Surveillance Cameras

Hal Schultz, president of MoneyFlow Systems International Inc. has announced that the company has just introduced three new high quality, indoor/outdoor pan-tilt-zoom cameras to its surveillance product line. Designed to meet the needs of professional and pro-sumer clients alike, the cameras offer superior performance at industry competitive prices.

"These cameras have an amazing zoom feature that provide long distance, 355 degrees clear, high quality real-time images via the Internet," stated Schultz. "The enhanced camera control and premium image quality make it possible to capture remote images at a level of excellence not previously available in remote retail surveillance systems."

The increasing power and capabilities of the hardware, combined with the ever improving software, enable consumers to create complete remote surveillance systems at very cost-effective prices. The package systems available provide state-of-the-art technology and functionality. The system-specific software allows the client to view the DVR image stream anywhere in the world over the Internet.

Schultz commented, "From stand-alone systems designed for individual consumers looking to gain a measure of enhanced security over a home or office, to large organizations, including government offices, utilities, transportation facilities, and virtually any organization with remote operations or facilities, we offer a wide range of state-of-the-art video surveillance solutions for remote, real-time video monitoring of property, operations, mission-critical assets and private applications."

A great many buildings and sites require secure perimeters to keep out unauthorized personnel and to visually identify parties being granted access. In certain situations employees also need to be monitored to prevent thefts, industrial espionage and inappropriate use of company equipment or resources. Real-time remote video monitoring enables constant monitoring of perimeter fences and key points, visual identity checks and visual alarm verification. From a single window, door or access point to an entire building or site location, the MoneyFlow Digital Video Recorder systems provide the real-time video monitoring needed for secure access control.

Schultz continued, "For our clients requiring regular monitoring of essential equipment and assets or for those who may face threats from theft, vandalism, natural disasters, intruders and terrorism, we can provide the security solution in a dynamic and cost-effective remote, real-time video monitoring system."