Axcess International Teams with GTSI for RFID Initiative

DALLAS, Feb. - AXCESS International Inc., announced it has teamed with GTSI Corp. to provide its active RFID (radio frequency identification) technology to GTSI's government customers. Additionally, AXCESS has joined GTSI's InteGuard Alliance to add its line of products to the physical security solutions the Alliance offers government customers. AXCESS International, a leading provider of RFID solutions for the enhancement of physical security, productivity and protection, provides physical security protection (PSP) solutions via active RFID. Using active RFID for access control, asset and visitor tracking, as well as monitoring and detection of harmful radiation and chemical toxins, greatly improves the safety and security of Americans.

The Alliance was formed by GTSI in early 2004 to assist in developing open, standard, secure, reliable, and trusted physical security protection system solutions for customers of the Alliance. Today, the InteGuard Alliance has over 60 companies who provide PSP products, services and solutions that offer the best industry-leading physical security and force protection.

"We welcome AXCESS both as a GTSI partner and a valuable member of the InteGuard Alliance," said Arpad Toth, GTSI Senior Technologist and Chairman of the InteGuard Alliance. "We see the addition of AXCESS' active RFID products as providing a variety of security applications which will enhance the physical security protection solutions we offer our government customers."

"AXCESS' partnership with GTSI facilitates the distribution of a critical technology, one that improves the security and efficiency of facilities throughout the government," commented Ben Donohue, Vice President of Business Development for AXCESS. "Becoming a member of this prestigious Alliance reflects our strong focus and commitment to increasing our System Integrator distribution channel, a key goal for AXCESS. This partnership also creates new exposure and sales opportunities for AXCESS, and is expected to have a meaningful impact towards the Company's overall long term growth."

AXCESS' ActiveTag RFID system uses small, battery powered "active" tags that when automatically activated transmit a wireless message typically 30 to 100 feet to palm size receivers. The receivers interface directly to the local TCP/IP (wired or wireless) network. As well as sensing, the tags are also used for a variety of security applications including automatic personnel access to facilities, automatic vehicle access to parking areas and yards, corporate asset tracking and protection.