Rainbow CCTV Lands Major Install at Mid-Western Circle K Stores

Vari-focal dome cameras from Rainbow CCTV have been installed at 280 Circle K stores in mid-western states including Missouri, Illinois, Ohio and Michigan.

The cameras have been installed by Electronic Video Systems of Springfield, Missouri.

The Rainbow dome model MDCVF includes a 1/3” color DSP CCD and 3.5~8mm f1.6 auto-iris lens. The 33~700 field of view provides outstanding functionality and versatility over fixed lens domes.

The cameras are being used as part of a system for general monitoring. They are located in strategic parts of the stores and are linked by coaxial cabling. Naturally the introduction of domes is improving the aesthetics of store design as well as delivering overall improvements for the security system.

At the moment recording is predominantly to VHS tape but migration to a digital solution is taking place.

Certain stores are using Rainbow’s quad processors. These connect up to four cameras and one VCR, offering quad and switching video output. The quad delivers real-time, high resolution images, an independent full screen and auto sequential switching. There is also an intuitive on-screen display for making all the necessary adjustments and settings.

Circle K is one of North America's largest chains of company-operated convenience stores with approximately 2,000 stores in 18 states and an additional 4,000 international locations.

Electronic Video Systems are active in broadcast, industrial, CCTV and video conferencing applications. The company’s projects range from covert video surveillance to multiple security camera recording systems with internet accessibility and multi-location viewing.