Bradford Networks Releases New Network Access Control Solution

CONCORD, N.H. -- Bradford Networks, developer of Security and Policy Enforcement Solutions for Enterprise Networks, today announced the release of its new Network Sentry 500 product designed for installations of 1000 users or less.

The new product combines all of the popular high-end features that are currently delivered in the Bradford Campus Manager solution. We have combined the software applications that normally reside on the NS1200 control and NS8200 application servers, into one integrated server appliance. This compact, single-server footprint makes it an ideal configuration for smaller environments.

The Network Sentry 500 licenses are available in increments of 250, with support up to 1000 users per server. This product directly satisfies the needs of smaller customers looking to deliver a robust security and policy enforcement solution. "This new product allows Bradford to address the needs of a wider range of customers," said Robert Anderson, VP of Marketing of Bradford Networks. "The solution provides an attractive entry price for Network Access Control functionality, which is needed in smaller environments as much as it is in large sites."

The target market for this new configuration is K-12 educational institutions and small enterprise locations. The size, scalability, and beginning price point allow a larger cross-section of customers the opportunity to take advantage of Network Access Control features that were only available to larger entities in the past.

The three Network Access Control applications integrated in the Network Sentry 500 are:

Security Management Application
This application validates each device attempting to connect to a network to ensure that it meets a specific security policy. Several checks are performed, including: anti-virus type and version, anti-spyware type and version, operating system patch levels, allowed software, and prohibited software applications. Devices that are marked 'at risk' are sent to a safe, isolated quarantine area for remediation.

Access Control Application
This application will ensure each device that attempts to connect to the network is properly registered and authenticated before access is granted. The process ensures only known devices and users can access the network. Assigning role-based access rights based on a user's organizational responsibility, and dynamic VLAN assignment to match a user access privileges, are performed at a user and port level.

Usage Policy Application
This application assists in enforcing network acceptable use policies. Whether it is tracking unwanted activities such as gaming, music file sharing, or instant messaging, the functionality in Campus Manager will help customers enforce specific network policies to ensure that clients on the network do not abuse such services.

The Network Sentry 500 server, application bundles, and user licenses are available today starting at a cost of as little as $14 per user.