Two Hospitals Select Vernier Networks' Security Platform to Meet HIPAA Requirements

Howard County General Hospital and St. Vincent's Hospital Depend on Vernier ASP to Protect Patient Records While Offering Latest Network Services.

"The majority of our healthcare customers have deployed the Vernier ASP to meet stringent HIPAA requirements. The Vernier ASP offers healthcare organizations the highest assurance of comprehensive network security and compliance with HIPAA and other security regulation requirements while enabling them to increase the level of network services to physicians and patients," said Bethany Mayer, vice president of marketing at Vernier.

The Vernier Adaptive Security Platform provides five layers of network security, designed to provide enterprises with the most rigorous and stringent security controls for their wired and wireless networks. The Vernier ASP includes: Trusted Network Design, Trusted Network Admission, Trusted Network Defense, Trusted Network Outbreak Management and Trusted Network Remediation. These layers reduce the possibility of an attack, and, if an attack occurs, resolve the attack immediately, while adapting policy to prevent future threats to the network. The result is an unprecedented level of network security and an assurance of network continuity.