Control Break International Launches SafeBoot Content Encryption

NIEUWEGEIN, The Netherlands -- Control Break International, a leading provider of enterprise data security solutions, announced that it has launched SafeBoot Content Encryption, a solution for encrypting files and folders.

The company has long provided SafeBoot Device Encryption, a solution that encrypts the entire hard drive of a mobile device such as a laptop or PDA. Now, with SafeBoot Content Encryption (SafeBoot CE), users with the same access rights can share access to encrypted files across a network. Wherever a file is saved, including to memory sticks, CDs and DVDs, it remains encrypted. SafeBoot CE was designed with Central Management for fast deployment and easier administration.

SafeBoot CE is a result of CBI's recent acquisition of Polytrust. CBI and Polytrust partnered earlier this year to develop an integrated product combining SafeBoot's PC and laptop security solutions with Polytrust's content protection technology.

"We are committed to focusing our development and corporate efforts on meeting the needs of our customers," says Gerhard Watzinger, Chief Operating Officer at CBI. "The successful launch of SafeBoot CE is an example of our commitment and we are pleased to provide our customers with the solution they have asked for."

Control Break International's SafeBoot suite of enterprise-wide security solutions protects data stored on mobile devices such as tablet PCs, laptops and PDAs against the risk of loss, theft and unauthorized access anytime and anywhere. SafeBoot offers strong two-factor pre-boot access control and powerful FIPS-certified encryption technologies with a centralized management system. The solution protects data worldwide at multi-national corporations and major government agencies. SafeBoot has achieved twelve consecutive 5-star ratings by SC Magazine as well as the SC Magazine 2004 Reader Trust Award for Best Encryption Product.