Port of Toledo Adds Intelligent Video Perimeter Surveillance

BRADENTON, Fla. -- Guardian Solutions today announced the acquisition of the GuardianWATCH Intelligent Video Surveillance System for integration with the Pelco 8000 Digital Video Recorder and Camera System at the Port of Toledo (Toledo, Ohio). The enterprise solution provides automated pro-active landside and waterside perimeter intrusion monitoring, responder notification and event recording. Video data generated by fixed and touring pan-tilt-zoom cameras is processed in real time to determine if any land or waterside activity violates the Port's security policy and procedures. Upon an alarm condition, evidentiary video data recording is increased on the Pelco 8000 and a real-time common operating picture of the on-going event is electronically generated by GuardianWATCH and disseminated to Port and Coast Guard responders. The common operating picture consists of a real-time video of the intruder(s) and a graphical display charting all intruder locations, headings and speeds.

The Port security system was designed by Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Jacksonville, FL ( http://www.rsandh.com ) and integrated by Security Corporation, Novi, MI ( http://www.securitycorp.com). The system adds a new dimension to video monitoring. Whereas, surveillance cameras tend to be useful after-the-fact -- as a means of assisting an investigation -- GuardianWATCH processes, in real time, all video camera data to pro-actively detect a trespasser prior an act of aggression.