MX Logic Announces 10 Government Customers

The company announced that the following government entities have recently selected the MX Logic Email Defense Service to safeguard their

MX Logic, Inc., a leading provider of innovative email defense solutions that ensure email protection and security for businesses, service providers, government organizations, resellers and their customers, continues gaining traction in the government sector by adding 10 new customers to its growing roster of government customers nationwide.

The company announced that the following government entities have recently selected the MX Logic Email Defense Service to safeguard their messaging systems from spam and other email threats:

' California Integrated Waste Management Board
' Colorado Department of Public Safety
' Fairfax County Water Authority
' Fort Worth, Texas, Transportation Authority
' Jefferson County, Colorado, Public School District
' Larimer County, Colorado
' Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC)
' Santa Cruz, California, Superior Court
' Tampa, Florida, Municipal Government
' Texas Department of Agriculture

Ranging from public school districts to law enforcement and development agencies, MX Logic government customers include federal, state, city and county agencies.

"Because they are public entities, required to publish email addresses, government organizations can become easy targets for spam and costly email attacks. Our government customers cannot afford to have their mission-critical email systems or networks go down. Stopping spam and viruses, and protecting their networks from other email threats is critical," said John Street, CEO, MX Logic. "With the MX Logic Email Defense Service, government organizations can spend more time focusing on the services they provide, and less time fighting email threats and spam."

The MX Logic Email Defense Service offers comprehensive email security to government customers by filtering spam and blocking worms and other email threats outside of the network perimeter. Using the around-the-clock Email Defense Service, government organizations can reduce the strain on IT resources, increase employee productivity and decrease bandwidth and email storage costs.

"One of the driving reasons why we chose MX Logic for email protection is because we need a solution that can precisely distinguish spam from legitimate email messages and MX Logic delivers this accuracy," said Nancy Grimes, Exchange Administrator, California Integrated Waste Management Board. "We also appreciate that the MX Logic Email Defense Service provides an incredible return on investment which is equally important to us."

Meeting the Unique Email Defense Needs of Government Organizations: Government agencies and organizations have unique email defense needs shaped by the demands of email infrastructures in the public sector, the stringent security requirements of government organizations, the volume of spam and other email threats targeted at these agencies, and their need to address email defense cost-effectively. Specifically, MX Logic is seeing the following trends among its government-sector customers who report the need for:

organizations need an anti-spam solution that accurately identifies spam, while minimizing false positives (legitimate email marked as spam). Missing important email because it has been flagged as spam can be of particular concern to police departments and attorneys general offices. The MX Logic Email Defense Service consistently achieves industry-leading low false positive rates while blocking 98 percent of spam and stopping worms, viruses and other malicious threats before they reach an organization's network.

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