MX Logic Announces 10 Government Customers

The company announced that the following government entities have recently selected the MX Logic Email Defense Service to safeguard their

High levels of privacy and security. As a proxy-based service, MX Logic filters each message real time in-stream as it passes from the sender to the recipient. By never storing messages, MX Logic minimizes security risks associated with message loss and interception. The Email Defense Service deposits suspect messages in a safe, external quarantine accessible by administrators and, if elected, end users. In addition, the MX Logic service reduces liability and risk by blocking distribution of inappropriate content and attachments, and enabling government organizations to view what employees are releasing from their quarantines.

Adherence to established policies. The MX Logic MX Control ConsoleSM is a centralized policy configuration and reporting platform that enables government customers to automatically implement and enforce their email rules, while giving them one interface for managing and reporting on email traffic across all departments and locations. As part of this process, government customers can determine their quarantine management requirements, including whether their IT department or their end users, or both, manage the quarantined email. In addition, messages that violate domain-based policies for attachments and content can also be stored in content-specific quarantines.

Automatic, around-the-clock protection from new virus and worm attacks. Powering the MX Logic Email Defense Service is the MX Logic' Threat Center, a sophisticated streaming data environment that monitors the global state of email for spam, viruses, worms and other email threats 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Staying one step ahead of the next attack, the MX Logic Threat Center employs a dynamic defense by continuously incorporating information into its database and rewriting its filtering rules to capture the new threats. In addition, using MX Logic's proprietary anti-virus engine and leading third-party engines, McAfee' and Sophos', MX Logic offers maximum virus and worm protection.

Reduced IT burden. Mission-critical IT priorities make it necessary for government entities to minimize the amount of IT resources spent protecting against spam and viruses. The MX Logic Email Defense Service off-loads IT burden, while giving organizations the flexibility and accuracy they need. Through the MX Control Console, a centralized policy configuration and reporting platform, government entities can configure and implement all corporate-wide email security policies, and view and report on all organization email traffic even if the organization has multiple office locations. The service also requires no migration or integration, and offers effortless activation within one business day.

Increased bandwidth and storage utilization. The Email Defense Service helps government organizations reduce bandwidth and storage costs by filtering email at the network perimeter and sending suspect email to a safe, external quarantine area, which means that messages are not filtered and stored inside the network. As spam can account for more than 50 percent of all email, MX Logic greatly reduces bandwidth costs and wasted network storage space vital for government organizations that are often subject to strict record retention and archiving requirements.