ImageWare Selected by General Dynamics to Support Federal Biometric Pilot Project

SAN DIEGO -- ImageWare Systems, Inc., a global leader in identity management solutions, announced that General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, a business unit of General Dynamics, has selected the IWS Biometric Engine as the foundation of a federal biometric pilot project. The IWS Biometric Engine is a biometric identity management platform for multi-biometric searching and matching that is scalable, technology agnostic and allows organizations to manage population databases of unlimited sizes.

General Dynamics will use the IWS Biometric Engine as the platform for its biometric project to test the viability of increased accuracy when using multiple biometrics, including face, finger and iris, within a single integrated environment.

"The biometric engine offers a unique architecture, flexible support of multi-modal biometrics and scalability -- enabling users to store, search and manage populations with an unlimited number of biometric images and templates," said Jim Miller, chairman and CEO for ImageWare. "Through this project we will help General Dynamics reshape yesterday's biometric technology to meet the needs of today and the future."

The IWS Biometric Engine's multi-biometric enrollment, management and authentication platform allows users to search and match tens of millions of biometrics for identity confirmation. Searches can be 1:1 (verification), 1:N (identification) and X:N (investigative). IWS Biometric Engine is technology agnostic, enabling users to employ biometric devices and algorithms from any vendor, as well as support the combination of the following biometric types: finger, face, iris, hand geometry, palm, DNA, signature, voice, 3D face and retina.