GE's New System Design Group Offers Pre-Sales Assistance

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- GE Infrastructure, Security announced that its Commercial Solutions group has created a System Design Group to assist dealers and the GE sales team with their security design needs. Security, Commercial Solutions' System Design Group is located in Corvallis, Ore., and utilizes the knowledge of GE field application engineers throughout the country.

"This innovative new GE program will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to respond to customer inquiries, while increasing the consistency and quality of the information provided," said Darren Nicholson, Marketing Vice President in Security?s Commercial Solutions business. "The System Design Group will draw on a wealth of product and system knowledge and will serve as an invaluable resource in all aspects of the selling process."

Once it receives project specifications, the System Design Group will determine system design needs, architectural and engineering specifications, and provide conceptual ideas. Component parts lists and line drawings will also be supplied as needed.

The System Design Group will provide the services listed below:

  • Specification Review. The group will review bid specifications to determine compliance of GE products to the specification. It will provide a detailed list of the products required to meet each section of the specification along with any exceptions to the specification that need to be submitted for the GE products.
  • System Design Assistance. Design assistance will be supplied for applications where there is not a written specification. Since there are often multiple solutions for a given application, it is important to provide as much information up front on what the customer expects from the completed system. When requested and given sufficient time, system line drawings will be provided along with product lists to better illustrate the design solution.
  • Product Application Assistance. The System Design Group will assist in determining the suitability of a specific product for a specific application, or the best alternative product for the given application.
  • General Product Knowledge. The group will also provide answers to general product form, fit and function questions to help the sales group determine if a given product will perform to the customer's expectations.