Viscount Releases MESH Emergency Module

Viscount Systems announced today that the company has released the Emergency Notification Module for its flagship MESH security system. The Emergency Module increases the power of MESH by providing monitoring of many new types of voice and alarm devices. Typical MESH systems with this module will provide on-site security staff instant notification of the activation of elevator emergency phones, parking lot panic stations, and in-suite burglar alarms. These devices can also be monitored and responded to from any location using the MESH WEBGUI manager.

``The MESH Emergency Module is required for upcoming projects and specifications,'' noted Stephen Pineau, President and CEO of Viscount. ``It allows us to provide larger packages of Viscount products and makes our Emerphone product line a MESH accessory. We can also provide an open architecture platform to integrate products from many different manufacturers. Large facilities require complete monitoring software and the MESH platform is continuing to provide the rapid deployment of enhanced security modules as needs arise.''

``The focus at upcoming security industry conferences and shows is the convergence of security systems and IT,'' continued Mr. Pineau. ``A White Paper being distributed at these shows concludes that the transition of security to an IT function would require security systems to be developed as computer operating systems running intelligent devices. In essence, that is what MESH does and is exciting to be releasing a system that is considered to be the future of the industry.''