FaceKey Launches Fingerprint Based PC AccessKey to Eliminate Passwords

SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- FaceKey Corporation announced the release of the Company's fingerprint-based PC AccessKey product to new and existing customers. The PC AccessKey system, which is comprised of a small optical reader attached to the user's PC, is designed to eliminate the need for passwords, keys and security cards by identifying an individual based on their fingerprints.

"PC AccessKey prevents unauthorized use of PCs, limits access to data and improves accountability, all of which lead to improving a company's overall profitability. This product also makes it possible for each company to protect its intellectual property such as business processes, patents and customer lists as tenaciously as their physical facilities are protected," comments President of FaceKey, Yevgeny B. Levitov, Ph.D.

PC AccessKey works by converting information about the individual's fingerprints into a unique code. Once registered, the user may access any features or functions that were available with their password via an optical fingerprint reader attached to their PC. Management has the choice to continue to use passwords in conjunction with the fingerprint reader or can eliminate their use. The system is robust enough to be deployed throughout the offices of multinational corporations but can also be used as a standalone product for one notebook. There is no practical limit to the number of users that can be managed by the software.