103 Arrests, 53 Convictions for Cybercriminals

Federal law enforcement officials last week concluded an operation that netted 103 arrests and 53 convictions involving a series of cybercrimes

Customers of Sprint and SBC will be able to use both companies' wireless Internet connections with less hassle under a mutual deal announced last week. The agreement lets SBC customers use Sprint's Wi-Fi hot spots and vice versa. Instead of having several different accounts, users can roam on other hot spots covered through the reciprocal arrangements, and carriers handle the billing, Sprint says. Sprint also has a reciprocal agreement with AT&T Wireless.

Microsoft last week made dramatic cuts to its plans for the Longhorn client operating system, slicing out the storage sub-system called WinFS and saying it would be in beta when Longhorn is released. The company said Longhorn would focus on "performance, security and reliability." The shift makes Longhorn more of an evolutionary release than the computing revolution Microsoft had touted. Microsoft also committed to 2006 as the Longhorn client delivery date. The server will come in 2007. WinFS, which Microsoft Chief Software Architect Bill Gates called his Holy Grail, was a pillar technology in Longhorn for universal search. Microsoft said two other pillars, the Avalon presentation sub-system and Indigo Web services middleware, would be made available in 2006.